Your Neighborhood Concrete Experts

At Georgia Concrete, all work will be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to standard practices. We work very closely with our concrete producer and material suppliers to provide you with the highest quality projects. We take great pride in our work and will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer. 

The information that follows provides some of the common issues that you can expect when working with
concrete and provides suggestions on customer care and usage. 

Concrete can be damaged by many factors beyond Georgia Concrete's control. Damage from wear and tear, de-icers, chemicals, equipment, vehicles and other things are out of Georgia Concrete's control and are not covered by this LimiteWarranty. GCC is not liable for repair conditions caused by misuse or abuse, ground settlement, winter conditions, accidents or acts of God. This warranty does not apply to, and is waived by the homeowner as to, any construction work that
has been subjected to an accident, misuse and/or abuse, nor does it apply to any construction work that has been modified, altered, defaced, and/or had repairs made/attempted by the homeowner or others.

FINISHES: Interior surfaces are generally finished smooth (basement floor, garage, sometimes porches and patios). A smooth finish allows for easy maintenance. Please be aware that smooth finishes are VERY slippery when wet. Exterior concrete such as walkways, patios, and driveways are broom finished. A broom finish is less slippery and designed to be walked upon even when wet. 

1) Do not drive on "new" concrete for at least 7 days.
2) Do not allow water to drain beneath the slab as this may cause settlement cracks. 
3) Do not use salt or other de-icing chemicals on the concrete (This is especially harmful during the first winter). If at all possible, hose off your car of any street salt before parking on concrete.